Starcraft Master Achievement: How to Complete the 30 Rounds

A few days ago, Blizzard released a new Starcraft 2 scenario: Starcraft Master. The goal is to beat all 30 levels. You get a shiny Baneling portrait when you finish any 25 rounds.

The majority of the rounds are pretty easy and you’ll probably complete them on the first try. However, the last rounds can be frustrating if you don’t know what you are doing. I decided to give a few tips and pointers about the rounds that gave me most headaches.

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Round 25 – Micro Insanity

Cast Feedback on the Point Defense Drones and immediately merge the High Templars into a Archon. Phoenixes lift the Siege Tanks and Stalkers focus on Marauders. Ignore the Vikings and lift the Siege Tanks again.

Once the Marauders are dead, use your Stalkers to take out a Siege Tank. Your Archon should go near the other Siege Tank and focus on the landed Vikings. If you can’t reach them without being hit by the Siege Tank, simply move your Archon down a bit to get the Vikings closer and render the Siege Tank useless.

Round 27 – Moving Shot

Oh boy, this one took me a while to beat. If you’re not good at micro do this: select the Banshee and right click at a point away from the Marines, while tapping “S” (stop command) and immediately right clicking to a random spot. Don’t look at anything else, just keep moving and spamming that stop command. Don’t even look at the Marines.

For some reason, I had an easier time killing Marines when I was moving horizontally. Sometimes, I could kill 3-4 Marines without being hit once.

Round 28 – Dead Eye Ghosts

When the round starts, move your army to the bottom of the screen. That will give you more time to snipe the incoming Banelings. If you have the micro to spare, stim the Marines one or two times. After that, forget about them and just focus on getting those Banelings kills with your Ghosts.

Round 29 – Let’s Dance

The hardest challenge for me. I managed to beat it by controlling only two Marines. The Marines on the edges will run in circles away from the Zealots. One of them should go in a big circle while the other runs around the Marine you’re not controlling.

The problem is both units have the same speed and Marines don’t have Stim. If you want to make a turn, you can’t do it abruptly without taking a hit. But I bet you already knew that. One thing I recommend is to use the same “running tracks”. If you’re running in different directions each time you start the round, it will be harder to get the achievement. Pick a direction and stick with it. It will make your life easier and keep your sanity.

Round 30 – Untouchable

This challenge is a piece of cake compared to the previous ones. When the round starts, select your Medivac and use the Hold command. After that, it’s a just a matter of picking up the Siege Tank and dropping it as fast as humanly possible.

With the Medivac selected, I would right click on the Siege Tank and immediately click on the portrait to unload it. I don’t even look at the battle. Keep doing this until the first Stalker dies.

When there are two Stalkers left, you might want them to fire a few shots at the Siege Tank in order to keep the Medivac alive a little longer.

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